[The following is an excerpt from the upcoming Bhaktabandhav publication, Sri Harinama Cintamani]

Pray to Krsna to be empowered by His sakti. Cry to Him for mercy. We are enamoured by maya-sakti, but we do not pray to Krsna for His transcendental sakti. If we are chanting harinama without this relation and service tendency, then many living entities will come and eat us like how ants eat a large snake. If we chant harinama and pursue maya-sakti simultaneously, Maya-devi will say, “Oh, you like me?” Then she will cut us up into many small pieces and throw us into hell.

Pray to para-sakti, Srimati Radharani. Then your harinama will be successful.
It is stated in Sri Gautamiya-tantra:

devī kṛṣṇamayī proktā
rādhikā para-devatā
sarva-lakṣmīmayī sarva-
kāntiḥ sammohinī parā

“Sri Radhika is the Supreme Goddess, the exclusive abode of Krsna’s loving pastimes, and the shelter of all goddesses of fortune. She is the most beautiful. She is Krsna-mayi. She is incessantly absorbed in Krsna. She is the embodiment of all splendor, and is the enchantress of Sri Krsna’s heart.”

If you take shelter of any maya-sakti, then this life and millions of lives to come will be lost. While you chant, come to svarupa-sakti and take Her shelter.

Krsna and Krsna’s sakti are non-different, just as the heat of fire and its light are non-different. Similarly, Krsna-sakti Radharani is also included within harinama while you chant.

You should pray:

rādhe! jaya jaya mādhava-dayite
gokula-taruṇī-maṇḍala mahite

“O Radha! All glories to You! All glories to You, the most beloved of Madhava! You are the most celebrated among all the young damsels of Gokula.”

hari niṣkuṭa-vṛndā-vipineśe

“The beautiful way You dress causes Sri Damodara’s attachment for You to swell. You are the presiding Goddess of Sri Hari’s pleasure groves in the forests of Vrndavana.”

lalita-sakhi-guṇa ramita viśākhe

“From the milk ocean of Sri Vrsabhanu Maharaja’s affection, You have arisen like a beautiful young moon. O dear friend of Lalita, by Your qualities of playfulness and friendship You have enchanted the heart of Your intimate sakhi, Visakha.”

karuṇāṁ kuru mayi karuṇā-bharite

“You are so full of mercy that great yogis and brahmacaris like Sri Sanaka Kumara and Sanatana Kumara are always engaged in describing Your exalted nature, so please be merciful to me!”

Bhaktivinoda Thakura has composed many beautiful prayers. While chanting, pray with these songs and the verses of Srimad-bhagavatam and the literature of our gosvamis. Always contemplate, “How will svarupa-sakti be pleased with me?” She is very kind, yet still we neglect her.

We do not like our mother. We like prostitutes instead. A mother will not sit in the same place as a prostitute. How can we stay with bahiranga-sakti maya and expect svarupa-sakti to give us mercy? We are always attracted to bahiranga-sakti, like a lusty man is attracted to a prostitute. We have no attachment or desire to serve svarupa-sakti, who is like our mother. If this is our situation, then svarupa-sakti will not remain with us.

Krsna is omnipresent, and nama is also omnipresent. Sakti is His vaibhava; His glories and beauty. She has all-controlling power. If this transcendental sakti comes to you, you will be extremely powerful and maya or anything mundane will never be able to touch you. Make your heart into a garden for svarupa-sakti, and then you can cross maya. If you have no place for svarupa-sakti in your heart and you chant with attachment to maya-sakti, then svarupa-sakti will not come to protect you.

Haridasa Thakura described that there are three kinds of sakti and that Krsna’s nama and His sakti are non-different. When you chant harinama, make a place for svarupa-sakti within your heart. Then Krsna will definitely give you His mercy. Otherwise if you chant Krsna’s names, but have no place for His sakti, He will not be happy with you.

For instance, if there is no place for the Guru-varga in a certain temple, then Vaisnavas will not go there. Such a place is not really a temple; it is like a hotel or a business center. Similarly, if your heart has no room for Srimati Radharani, svarupa-sakti, or antaranga-sakti, you may be chanting harinama, but only other things will come, not the mercy of Krsna. Your harinama will result only in mundane affairs.

When sakti comes, then all vaibhava and goodness will manifest. Krsna has 64 qualities, His incarnations have 60 qualities, and the living beings have up to 50. All of our good qualities however, have been lost due to our entanglement in maya. When we make a place for svarupa-sakti in our hearts, we will be awarded with all good qualities. When svarupa-sakti is present in the heart, Krsna will also be present there in His original form. Then one’s life will be successful.


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