There is no love and affection at all in this world. That is why we are always suffering intensely. But there is nothing like that there. There is no suffering or anything. There is no birth, no death, and no old age or disease. It is always a very beautiful place, with nothing unpleasant or unfavourable. No one there will lie to us or cheat us — not one. There are no lawyers or anyone like that there. It is not like here at all.

Here, everyone wants to take, but there is nothing to take there — nothing. There is only giving. Everyone is coming to us to give pure love and affection. It begins from the fundamental principle of guru. A disciple takes shelter of Gurudeva and Gurudeva controls him. Every bona fide disciple wants to be controlled by Gurudeva. Why? Because it is so very blissful to be under Gurudeva’s control. This control with love begins with service to Gurudeva. A disciple gives everything to Gurudeva and Gurudeva gives his whole transcendental wealth — that is love and affection. To be controlled is such a high thing there. So have faith in this and don’t be afraid.

I also used to be afraid of being controlled. I never wanted to be controlled by anyone. But when I was controlled by my Gurudeva, — Oh! then I changed completely. Now I think, “I want to be controlled by my Gurudeva. I want to be controlled by Krishna and His friends in the spiritual world.“ I want to be controlled by them. Even Krishna wants to be controlled by His friends’ love and affection for Him. And His friends also want to be controlled by love and affection. You can also control Krishna by love and affection. Do you want to control Krishna like that? But first you must be completely controlled by love and affection. To be controlled in this way is called ‘devotional surrender.‘ The process of control by love and affection is devotional surrender. The particular type of devotional surrender that devotees practise has been described minutely by the great teachers in our line, and it is called bhakti.

To Be Controlled By Love - Śrīla Gurudeva
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