Sanatana Gosvami opened the storehouse of bhakti-rasa that is laced with renunciation, along with the associates of Radha-Krsna, like Lokanatha dasa Gosvami and Bhugarbha Gosvami. If one desires to relish the transcendental nectar of devotion, then Sanatana Gosvami should be eternally remembered.
Srila Sanatana Gosvami, who is the abode of divine qualities, manifested Sri Radha Madana-mohanajiu, the Lordships presiding over spiritual relationship in Vrndavana-dhama.

jayatāṁ suratau pangor
mama manda-mater gati
Caitanya-caritāmrta, Ādi 1.15

Glory to the all-merciful Radhã and Madana-mohana! I am lame and foolish, yet They are my Lord and Masters; Their lotus feet are everything to me.

All glories unto Madana-mohana, who is the predominating Deity of amorous pastimes. The Lord Madana-mohana, who bewilders Cupid himself, nourishes the devotees with divine love and gives qualification for entering the transcendental truth. A spiritually blind person cannot understand this tattva. Without Sanatana Gosvami’s mercy, no one can enter the kingdom of established philosophical truths. Only a person who has relation with Madana-mohana can understand this tattva.
May Sanatana Gosvami bestow his mercy and manifest the sambandha-devata (the Deity of a transcendental relationship), and vişaya-vigraha (the object of the devotees’ service) Sri Radha Madana-mohana in our hearts.

Vrndavana, the place of nectarean mellows, has Madana-mohana, who is the crest jewel of the enjoyers of rasa, as its crowning glory. Sanatana Gosvami manifested Him in Vrndavana by Mahaprabhu’s desire. May we always remember Sanatana Gosvami.

…If anyone would come from Vraja, Mahaprabhu would ask them, “Where do Rupa and Sanatana live? How do they maintain themselves?” The returning devotee would describe Rupa and Sanatana Gosvami’s renunciation. He would tell Mahaprabhu that they slept under a different tree every night and that they would beg for a few chickpeas and some buttermilk to maintain themselves.

They lived in Vraja while being greatly renounced. Mahaprabhu became very happy by their renunciation. If a sadhaka doesn’t take shelter of Vraja’s dust, then he will not be able to enter Vraja-dhama. Therefore, Mahaprabhu became very happy by the ideal renunciation of Rupa and Sanatana Gosvami. Mahaprabhu then spoke about the glories and specialties of Sanatana Gosvami to the devotees.

In Vraja, Sanatana Gosvami would go to everyone’s homes and inquire about their well being. He would ask, “Are your children married? How are they? Is anyone unhealthy? Do you need anything?” He would ask about everyone’s well being and share love and affection with everyone. By his instructions, he made everyone ready for bhajana.

Sanatana Gosvami would meet the Vrajavasis and he established a nitya-sambandha with Bhagavan for all of them. When he entered nitya-lila, all the Vrajavasis took him on their shoulders and did Govardhana parikrama. The Vrajavasis’ shaved their heads on his disappearance day and celebrated Sanatana Gosvami’s glories by doing kirtana. This occasion is known to everyone as Mudiya Puno.

On the day of guru-purņima (his disappearance day), the Vrajavasis gave Sanatana Gosvami samadhi near Madana-mohana, his worshipable deity. Until this day, everyone can have darsana of his samadhi along with his grantha-samadhi.


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