We perceive His dance to resemble people’s joyful dancing at a festival. We may even think it is like the dancing of boys and girls in modern times, the sight of which pollutes the mind and stimulates lusty desires. Sriman Mahaprabhu’s dance at Ratha-yatra is not to be compared to the dancing of persons in this material world, because the subject of His dance is not lust, but transcendental love.

In this world we speak of marital love or brotherly love, but neither is true love because the sole purpose of such ‘love’ is to satiate our own senses. Why does a husband love his wife? Because through her, he can gratify his senses. In the same way, a wife satisfies her senses through her husband. Their mutual act of sense gratification cannot be called love.

17. RaysoftheHarmonist-no16-Govinda-Damodara-Madhaveti Part II-Kartik2006