Rays of the Harmonist Vol 2.2

Nowadays it appears more than ever that when one uses the word guru, it means a political controversy is brewing. The reason for this is that guru is part of the infinite potency himself. For the infinitesimal soul to approach the infinite automatically means a contradiction. But this paradox is wisely solved by the sublimely simple statement of one of our former masters…

Rays of the Harmonist Vol 2.1

We do not qualify to touch even one drop of the ocean of your glories. Still, only by kīrtana, by proclaiming your glories, will remembrance of you remain awake within us. At the same time, “ekākī āmāra, nāhi pāya bala, harināma-saṅkīrtane – alone I have no strength to perform harināma- saṅkīrtana.” If those of us who have taken shelter of your lotus feet do not remain united, we will not have the strength to engage in kṛṣṇa-kīrtana and kṛṣṇa-sevā, and consequently we will become lost.

Rays of the Harmonist Vol 1.2

There are a great deal of so-called gurus who steal the wealth of their disciples, whereas a guru who has the capacity to purify one’s heart and make one affluent with the wealth of kṛṣṇa-prema is extremely rare in this world. Fortunately, we somehow attained the opportunity to come to the lotus feet of such an extremely rare guru.

Rays of the Harmonist Vol 1.1

The natural and unadulterated endeavour of the infinitesimal conscious entity towards the complete consciousness is called bhakti. The jivas persistence towards anyabhilasa (acting to fulfil desires other than the desire to please Krsna), jnana and karma is called acquiring material designation. We should understand that the natural inherent endeavour of the jiva can only mean the favourable cultivation of activities to please Krsna.