Day 166: Gaurābda 532, Nārāyaṇa Māsa – Ekādaśī 17 Jan 2019 – Thursday

Bhakti Bullets

Bhakti Bullets

Anyone who lives in Vṛndāvana, all the sādhakas like the Six Gosvāmīs and anyone in their line, those who live in Vraja and do bhajana day and night, and those who don’t worship Kṛṣṇa, rather they worship Rāma or Nṛsiṁhadeva and other manifestations of Godhead, they should always be honored. And of the brāhmaṇas who are not one-pointed to Kṛṣṇa but worship Durgā, Kali, Rāma, Śaṅkara, and Gaṇeśa—they should be properly honored. Don’t disrespect them.

Spoken by Srila Gurudeva, January 17, 1998 Murwillumbah

Prema Flame

Prema Flame

Rasa Varsa

Putrada Ekadasi

This Sukala-paksha Ekadasi comes after Margasirsha. The name of this Ekadasi is called Putrada Ekadasi.

The name of Nanda Baba’s father and mother was Parjanya and Variyasi respectively. Both were very happy because they had five qualified sons and four of them had children. Being the grandparents of these children brought great joy to their hearts. But Nanda Baba had no son. Therefore, his parents engaged themselves in performing austerities for a long time. As a result, Siva Thakura appeared before them to bless them.

He told them, “What benediction may I give you?”

But when he heard of Parjanya’s and Variyasi’s request, he nodded his head in disapproval. He said, “How can I bless Nanda-Yasoda with a son? This is not possible. Why? Nanda and Yasoda are greater than me. Your son Nanda is not an ordinary person. He is the King, the supreme authority, and controller of all. He has over world power love for the Vrajavasis. Yasoda is also not ordinary. So, how can I give you this boon?”

Parjanya replied, “Which rules should I follow? What should I do?”

Siva Thakura said, “If you pray by yourself, Nanda will definitely have a son. If your son’s wife follows certain rules, she will be blessed with a son.”

“What should she follow?”

Siva Thakura then told Parjanya, “You tell Nanda-Yasoda that by following Ekadasi, a son will be born to them.” In a year, there are twenty four Ekadasis. Sometimes, there are twenty six Ekadasis in a year. On another year, there are twenty five Ekadasis and on a certain year, there are twenty seven Ekadasis. The year that has twenty seven Ekadasis is a good and auspicious year. Next year, there will be twenty seven Ekadasis. This year there are twenty five Ekadasis.

Devotee: Starting from Gaura Purnima?

Sripada Premananda Prabhuji: Not from Gaura Purnima; starting from the month of Vaisaka. The first Ekadasi is Utpanna Ekadasi that appears in Magasirsha. After the month of Kartika, there will be the appearance of twenty seven Ekadasis in the following year. This year, Kartika ends on the fifth of November. Then the new year begins. Today is the fourth Ekadasi of the second month of the year. So, this year, there are twenty seven Ekadasis. Utthana Ekadasi, the Ekadasi that appears in Kartika, is considered the last Ekadasi of this year. From the first Ekadasi to Utthana Ekadasi, there are twenty seven Ekadasis. You can count for yourself. Hence, this year is very auspicious.

One who follows Putrada Ekadasi will be blessed with a son. Ekadasi-devi has herself promised and said, “If a childless couple observes my appearance, and desires a son; I will bless them with a son. If someone desires wealth; I will give them wealth. If someone is sick, I will steal their sickness away. I will help anyhow.”

There is a history behind Utthana Ekadasi. Lord Krishna came near Dharmaraja and asked, “Oh Dharmaraja, how do you maintain and manage everything by yourself?”

“I came to Sandipani Muni’s Gurukula in Ujjain and learn many arts from him. As a Guru-daksina, I set out to search for his missing son. We were unable to determine where his son went. Then Guru-matha said, ‘O my dear son Krishna, please find my son and give him to me. Then You may return to Mathura. Otherwise, You cannot go.’

I replied, “Okay. I will find your son.”

Then Krishna thought, “I must enter the ocean and look for this boy.”

From the ocean, Krishna went to Yama-loka. While searching for the boy, Krishna killed a demon called Pancajanya. Varuna-devata told Krishna and Baladeva that Pancajanya had devoured the boy.

But, Pancajanya said, “I didn’t eat the boy. The boy was dead already.”

Krishna and Baladeva then went to Yama-loka. When the two brothers entered Yama-loka, Dharmaraja was greatly surprised. He performed an arati and abhiseka of Krishna and Baladeva Prabhu. As soon as Krishna and Baladeva Prabhu entered Yamaloka, the entire hellish region became peaceful. Hell became very quiet and everyone was very happy. The guilty were not beaten, shot at, or burnt. Neither were they thrown in boiled water or oil anymore. The guilty were not cut in pieces anymore. The hellish dogs and crocodiles stopped eating their victims. Snakes stopped drinking the blood of the guilty. Hell was now free of pain and carnage.

Before Krishna and Baladeva Prabhu came, the punishments meted out in hell were unspeakable. People who had committed many sins were now being punished and rectified. Iron rods were heated and the guilty were to made to embrace these iron rods. Then they were beaten by whips. The people who committed many wrongs were now going through untold suffering. Everyone was wailing and screaming out of pain. It seemed that they would die, but they would not. Someone who smoked a lot would have fire placed inside their mouths.

Placing the fire in their mouths, the servants of Yamaraja would tell the sinful, “Smoke all you want now! You want more ganja?”

But as soon as Krishna and Baladeva Prabhu entered hell, everyone became peaceful and happy. Everyone wondered in amazement and thought, “Why are we happy and peaceful? Why are we not being punished anymore?”

The guilty looked around and saw that no one was being cut into pieces. The dogs had stopped their vicious biting. The snakes had stopped their venomous attacks. They were surprised.

The guilty requested and pleaded to Krishna and Baladeva Prabhu. They asked, “Who are You? From where have You both come? What are Your names? After the both of You have come, we are so happy. Please give us more of this happiness. Please take us out of hell and give us shelter at Your lotus feet.”

After duly worshiping and praying to Krishna and Baladeva Prabhu, Yamaraja offered Them seats. Krishna then asked Yamaraja, “Why are everyone here loudly shouting and wailing? I have become very restless on coming to this place. What have they done?”

Yamaraja replied, “You don’t know Prabhu. You gave me the duty to punish them. So, what can I do? To discipline them is my duty. All over the world, most people are engaged in committing sins. But, I give them many chances to correct themselves. If they still don’t purify and change themselves, then I am bound to resort to this means of rectification. By trick or force, I make them quit their gross bodies. They come here bound by their subtle bodies and are made to suffer for the many sins they have committed. Here, I have them severely punished.

“You severely punish them?”


“How do you punish them?”

Then Yamaraja showed the many means of punishment to Krishna and Baladeva Prabhu. Many woks containing boiling oil were shown to Krishna and Baladeva Prabhu. Blazing fire pits were also shown. Ponds of urine and blood were shown. Many fierce animals were made to bite and eat the guilty. The jivas suffered greatly.

Krishna told Yama Maharaja, “You punish them in such a strong manner?”

Krishna is very kind. He asked all the suffering souls, “Why have you all committed much sins in your previous life?”

The suffering souls collectively replied, “Prabhu! We will not commit sins anymore. Now, give us Your shelter.”

Some souls told Krishna, “O Prabhu! Our minds are very weak. We did not wish to commit sins, but by the effect of asat-sanga, we were forced to commit sinful acts in our lives. Now what can we do? Prabhu please save us!”

Krishna’s heart melted on hearing these words of the residents of hell. He is very magnanimous. At the same moment, a deity manifested from Krishna.

The deity asked Krishna, “Prabhu, why have You called me? What is my service and duty. How can I follow your orders? What do you like? Please give me some services.”

Krishna told the deity, “Nobody is there to help the jivas. They lack sat-sanga and good advice. Their parents, siblings, and relatives try to make them their own. They enjoy them, and make them wounded and hopeless. They may even shoot, disturb, and steal their time and life. All are ready to exploit them. . But, there is nobody to help them. I cannot find anyone in this world who offers pure help.” If the demigods are not served, they might curse the jivas. The parents will be angry with their children if they don’t receive any help from their children. If one doesn’t help his wife or husband, he or she will be rejected by their spouse. Even brothers who don’t help each other, stop talking to each other. If you don’t use your body to perform ordinary work and to cheat others; then no one will like you. On not being liked by anyone, you will suffer. Therefore, for the happiness of others, you perform many actions. But ultimately, only you will suffer for the sins you have committed through certain actions. No one will come forward and suffer for you. Being sinful, you will suffer greatly.

Therefore, Krishna told Ekadasi-devi, “This is very dangerous for the fettered souls, so Ekadasi-devi, testifying to the glories of your name, you must help the eleven senses of the conditioned souls. This is My order to you. If anybody comes near you, you must definitely help them.

It is My request to you that you give these conditioned souls advice and inspiration. I will provide you with all kinds of help and power. Henceforth, you will be called by the names—Ekadasi, Madhava-tithi, and Harivasa. Your glories will be understood and followed all over the world. The souls who follow you will be happy. Regardless of any sins or offenses committed by the conditioned souls, and regardless of any anarthas they may possess like false ego and other unwanted tendencies; if they come near you, you should not hate or neglect them. You should give them shelter. You must clean and purify the conditioned souls more than any mother or any other well-wisher ever could. You should clean them slowly and take care of them.

I will tell Yama Maharaja, ‘Don’t disturb the souls who have taken shelter of Ekadasi-devi. You must never punish them.’”

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