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The True Nature of Parakiya-Rasa

The True Nature of Parakiya-Rasa

Through the method of worship in the mood of parakiya performed in Vraja-mandala, Gauda-mandala, and Ksetra-mandala, living entities are attracted to the Supreme Person, Krsna. Srila Gurudeva established the super-excellence of parakiya-rasa. Srila Gurudeva taught: in this worldly life we have mother, father, siblings, relatives, and friends—yet affection for them binds us to material existence. The essence and goal of all knowledge and rules and regulations of scripture is to develop love for Krsna and to serve Him. A person who possesses this love and can give this love to others is the best teacher. In this world, love for Krsna manifests as parakiya-rasa. When we are amidst all our worldly relations and affairs, bound by so many social duties and customs, and yet we develop the sentiment that this material display is worthless, and love and relationship with Krsna is the supreme purpose of life, and we live every moment as an offering to our Eternal Beloved, we approach the true nature of parakiya-rasa. For although there are others who have claims to our love and attention, our mind is attracted at every moment to Krsna. Those who think that this world and its people and responsibilities are superior and that Bhagavan and loving service to Him is secondary can never achieve the highest goal of life—pure love in parakiya-rasa…

Sri Guru

Sri Guru Darsana

This book, Sri Guru Darsana, is a revelation or darsana of the life of Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja, an eternal associate of Radha-Krsna sent from Vraja, as well as his darsana or teachings to the world. He came in an unbroken succession of divine masters, descending from the Supreme Lord Himself, the original Divine Master. Such a spiritual lineage is considered a prerequisite for a bona fide guru by religious authorities throughout India…


Srila Rupa Goswami

One who remembers and follows the instructions of Srila Rupa Gosvami, taking shelter of his lotus feet, will certainly achieve spiritual perfection, or anuragamayi-seva in eternal Vraja. He can thus be a Rupanuga-Vaisnava. Fortunate souls can perceive the specialty of Rupa Gosvami and the pricelessness of his teachings. One who approaches Srila Rupa Gosvami through prayer and by adopting his method of spiritual practice will understand and be empowered by Mahaprabhu’s karuņa-sakti, mercy potency.


Srila Sanatana Goswami

Sanatana Gosvami opened the storehouse of bhakti-rasa that is laced with renunciation, along with the associates of Radha-Krsna, like Lokanatha dasa Gosvami and Bhugarbha Gosvami. If one desires to relish the transcendental nectar of devotion, then Sanatana Gosvami should be eternally remembered.

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Jaiva Dharma

In this compelling narrative Śrīla Bhaktivinoda Ṭhākura presents the conclusions of all the Vedas. Through the medium of questions and answers he makes a comparative analysis of all religious beliefs, and thus leads the reader, step by step, to the ultimate goal of life.In Jaiva-dharma you will find answers to questions such as: “What is the eternal true nature of the soul? Is there a unifying concept that is the basis of all religious teachings? Why have I come into this material world? What is the difference between God and me..?