11 October 2009. Today is another bus day. With more buses than last time, our parikrama party first went to the village of Dauji where an ancient Black Diety of Baladev Prabhu is being worshipped. It is said that this is one of the few Deities that never left Vraja even during the Muslim invasion. He was kept hidden until He was discovered again later lying upside down in Sankarshan Kund (Kshirsagar) and so this beautiful Dauji Temple was built. Also in the temple, Baladev’s consort Revati is present but hidden behind the door because of the secret reason that Dauji was married to her in Dwarka and not while He was living in Vraja. Just a short walking distance to Dauji Mandir is the Dauji Gaudiya Math established by our most worshipful Guru Maharaj Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayan Goswami Maharaj. It is where our party took breakfast and from there proceeded to the next destinations (next episode). Today’s parikrama ended with a darshan of Lohavan which is nearby. There one can have darshan of Krishna Kund where special boating pastimes of Radha Krsna took place and a Gopinath temple which was not open at the time of our arrival.


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