Day 232: Gaurābda 533, Caitra Māsa, Dvitiya, 21 Apr 2019 – Sunday

We should not try to see faults in others or criticize anyone. Even if someone is really bad or is doing something bad, still we should not criticize him. If we do so, the bad qualities of that person will come into us.

Srila Gurudeva – April 21, 2000 Vṛndāvana

If the Manjaris Do Not Have Kama, They Cannot be ‘Kamanuga’

This type of kamatmika prema or kama-rupa ragatmika prema is not sambhoga-icchamayi. It is tat-tad-bhava-icchamayi, and it has a speciality. If the manjaris do not have kama, they cannot be ‘kamanuga’. They have kama, but it is in the anugatya of Radhika. It is not independent of Her. They are like the small flowers of a creeper. If one pours water on the root of a creeper, all the flowers and all the leaves will be nourished. Similarly, if these gopis see that Radha and Krsna are meeting, then whatever Radha is experiencing—by mouth, face, and body—will be experienced by them. Whatever is the condition of Srimati Radhika by tasting Krsna, they will also be in that condition. If a creeper takes water, all its leaves and flowers are also nourished.

Radhika always wants that the manjaris also meet Krsna, because they are in the category of kamatmika prema. Therefore, when She is with all the sakhis, She may at once leave and go separately to another kunja. Krsna will then search for Her. In the meantime, all the sakhis have entered separate kunjas. Radhika is hidden in a particular kunja, and Krsna is searching for Her. After they meet, by a hint of Srimati Radhika, Krsna then goes to the kunja of one of the sakhis and at once catches hold of her. In this way, by the wish of Srimati Radhika, Krsna sometimes approaches the manjaris and fulfills their kama. Without this, they cannot be called kamatmika.

It is not that they never meet Krsna. Krsna may sometimes meet them and thus fulfill Srimati Radhika’s desire. Here, by Radhika’s desire, Krsna met Rupa manjari. After that, Rati Manjari met Rupa Manjari, and she is uttering the words of this sloka to her.

Have you read the sloka, sri-rupa-manjari-kararcita-pada-padma? All slokas of Vilapa Kusamanjali are confirming this idea. All rupanuga Gaudiya Vaisnavas remember these slokas, and they daily repeat them. Our final goal is this. If somehow you will have a greed for this after thousands and lakhs of births, then you are so fortunate. The adhikara, qualification, for this will come by the grace of a gopi who is manifest in this world as a raganuga Vaisnava. At that time it will be very easy to remember all the prayers and pastimes. Now it is not easy to remember, but at that time remembrance will easily come, automatically, as if by force, without any endeavor.

Question: You said previously that by Radhika’s arrangement or indication, Krsna will meet with some other gopis or manjaris. At the time of rasa-lila Krsna dances with all of the gopis. Is that also Radhika’s desire or arrangement?

Srila Gurudeva: This is an example of nara-lila. Her desire was there, but it was not shown outwardly. Inwardly She wanted it. If Her desire had been shown it would not have been rasa, and therefore She left the rasa arena. There are so many types of rasas. Vasanta rasa was seen in trance by Jayadeva Gosvami, and he has written about this in Gita Govinda


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