Day 157: Gaurābda 532, Nārāyaṇa Māsa – Dvitīyā 08 Jan 2019 – Tuesday

Bhakti Bullets

Bhakti Bullets

There are many symptoms of guru. Vyasadeva wrote what he saw in samādhi. Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam is samādhi language. If a guru knows all the Indian scriptures and he can remove the doubts of his disciples, and he has some realization of God, Kṛṣṇa, and especially is detached from this world— then he is called a guru. If anyone has taken shelter of a guru like this, he must be liberated one day; but he must be careful of the ten kinds of offenses.

Spoken by Srila Gurudeva, January 08, 2010 Durban

Kripa Wave

06 Jan 2019 PM – Radha’s Vina vs Krsna’s Vamsi – Krsna-bhavanamrta (English and Hindi)

English translation:


05 Jan 2019 pm – Krsna and the Gopis’ Battle Royale – Krsna-bhavanamrta (English and Hindi)

English translation:


Prema Flame

Prema Flame

Rasa Varsa

I have come for ISKCON

Srila Gurudeva: Svamiji desired that I accompany him when he went to the West the first time. He told me, “You should also come with me.”

I told my Guruji to tell Svamiji to take sannyasa. I told Svamiji, “You should take sannyasa. You are so qualified. So, you should take the renounced order.”

Guruji also came at that time. Svamiji then took sannyasa from Guruji. I helped Svamiji in some ways. I sent him his books, mrdangas, karatalas, and deities. I sent them from India.

Devotee: I gave him a copy of the Venu Gita where we have this section at the back of the book that has your biography. I gave him the book.

Srila Gurudeva: Svamiji told me, “You should join me and come with me to the Western countries.”

I replied, “My Gurudeva has ordered me to serve here and he is not here. If I will go, then everything will be upset. So, I will try to come with you later.”

So, he wanted me and he wrote many letters to me. He wrote more than two hundred letters to me. He would write to me from wherever he was preaching. He would tell me, “Preaching is being done very nicely here.” He would tell me so many things. I gave all the letters to Satsvarupa Maharaja who was writing the biography at that time. I still have many letters left. So, by his mercy, Svamiji called me here.

He told me, “My words can never be false.”

A devotee is Satya-sankalpa; what he will say will surely bear fruit. Every desire of his will be fulfilled. So, he has called me here and by his mercy, I have come. Otherwise, I am a penniless person and now, I have become old. I never dreamt that I will have to go to the Western countries for preaching. But, he has dragged me here. Wherever I go, by Svamiji’s and Krsna’s mercy, there are always some people to help me. You were also ready to help me from the first.

Devotee: We have been ready from fifteen days.


Srila Gurudeva: Wherever I go, I see that the management is being done nicely. So many devotees are helpful.

Svamiji had so much love and affection for me. He used to tell me, “You should sing ‘Gauranga bolite habe pulaka sarira, Jaya Radhe Jaya Krsna, Hari Haraye namah Krsna Yadavaya namaha, Sri Rupa Manjari pada, and all the other very beloved kirtans.’”

When I would sing, he used to play on the mrdanga. Sometimes, both of us would make capattis when Svamiji was in the Radha Damodara temple in Vrndavana. At that time, he was a penniless person. He didn’t have good clothes. He wore torn clothes. His books were worn and torn. But, he had a firm belief to preach in the Western countries because his Gurudeva had ordered him to.

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