[The following is an excerpt from the upcoming Bhaktabandhav publication, Sri Harinama Cintamani]

Like an ant that becomes trapped in honey, the more the conditioned soul accepts maya, the harder it is to escape. However, if we are engaged in vraja-rasa, then we will get strength, transcendental power, and the ability to easily cross over maya. At that time, everything to do with maya will appear to us like dead corpses or excrement. When one has greed for spiritual rasa, one will be taken across maya.

When someone chants harinama, having taken full shelter of svarupa-sakti, he will be purified and will cross the modes of material nature and be established in suddha-sattva. The devotee thus situated will not be disturbed by anyone’s abuses.

Haridasa Thakura did not become disturbed when the Muslim soldiers beat him in 22 marketplaces because he was situated in nirguna-tattva.

Haridasa Thakura was established in suddha-sattva. If you can become like this, then you can always chant govinda-nama and your environment will be very clean and favorable. Your nature will be always inclined to serve Krsna. This is the process of chanting harinama.

Mahaprabhu had this discussion with Haridasa Thakura so that the living entities could understand the process of chanting nama. This discourse took place in Sri Ksetra-dhama. If you hear these instructions in Sri Ksetra-dhama, you will gradually acquire taste for vraja-rasa, and will chant day and night. Then, rather than being engaged in maya-rasa, you will go to Navadvipa or Vraja and be engaged in vraja-rasa.


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