Vraja-mandala Parikrama

Above all, however, I received the great opportunity of performing Vraja-mandala parikrama on foot each year with my most worshipful holy master and some five hundred faithful devotees. Sri Gurudeva entrusted the responsibility of serving Sri Kesavaji Gaudiya Matha to me in 1954. Since then, I have annually been performing Vraja-mandala parikrama with the brahmacaris of Sri Kesavaji Gaudiya Matha and some of the many devout and respectable residents of Mathura. Thus, I have been fortunate to have performed Vraja-mandala parikrama more than fifty times in over fifty years.

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Navadvipa-dhama Pocket Guide

The black and white maps show the location of Śrī Śrī Keśavajī Gauḍīya Maṭha in relation to other places in Śrī Navadvīpa-dhāma. Śrīla Gurudeva’s presentation of the superiority of Śrī Navadvīpa-dhāma is unique. It enhances our appreciation of the exalted nature of this holiest of places and our good fortune to touch the dust of this dhāma. For this reason we have included one of his lectures on this topic.

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Navadvipa-dhama Parikrama

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s prema-dharma, eternal religion of pure, transcendental loving service to Sri Krsna, is being extensively propagated all over the world. Consequently, countless pilgrims from India and abroad come to take darsana of Sriman Mahaprabhu’s appearance-place, Sridhama Mayapura, His various pastime-places in Navadvipa-dhama, and the appearance- and pastime-places of His associates. I hope this book will assist all inquisitive devotees.

Navadvipa-dhama Parikrama - Srila Gurudeva