Krti Ratna – Rays of the Harmonist – 2018

He has not just captivated all the residents of India, but the entire world, with the brilliance of his scholarship. When the great thinkers of distant Western countries beheld his visionary, philosophical genius, they became astounded and fell at his feet. The adherents of opposing schools of thought, who know that his logical refutations of their doctrines are as severe as bolts of lightning, remain perpetually terrorized. The immovable, impenetrable expanse of his philosophical conclusions regarding service to Adhokṣaja, He who exists beyond sense perception, has forced the peaks of towering, snow-capped mountains to bow to him in veneration. Today, many people are tormented by the anguish of separation that arose because he has concealed himself from us.

28. RoTH 2018 - Kriti Ratna Final

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura – Rays – 2014

It can be observed that in Vaiṣṇava sampradāyas, some Vaiṣṇavas are conventional. Their teachings and approach uphold the age old traditions of the sampradāya and maintain the mādhurya (sweetness) of the sampradāya’s line of thought. And some Vaiṣṇavas are unconventional in their method of propagating the divine message of the Lord and His devotees. They manifest audārya (magnanimity), being completely innovative in their way of propagating the precepts of bhakti far and wide.

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The Tirobhava Edition – Rays – 2011

Seeing my pitiable condition of trying to avoid feeling love in my so-called service to him, he strongly shook this conditioning. Without feeling a connection to Śrī Guru, all the busyness, even in the name of service, helps very little. But if we feel this connection, our love for him can grow through our service to him. I left it so late to understand this truth: śrī-guru-caraṇe rati ei se uttamā-gati. Now I can only contemplate my misfortune and weep. from pg.221

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Entering Nitya-lila – Rays of the Harmonist – 2011

If the personal associates of Bhagavān did not display an intense effort to perform service to Śrī Hari by enacting pastimes such as appearing in a lowly family or undergoing various calamities, afflictions, dangers, sickness or lamentation, then the conditioned souls, fallen and arrested in the material prison-house of three-fold-miseries, would never be inspired to begin to turn their faces toward their own auspiciousness.

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Krsna Is Only Hungry for Love – Rays – Kartik 2010

When will the day come? I will even endure being kicked hundreds upon hundreds of times or being insulted millions of times. With constant forbearance I will even tolerate hunger, thirst, cold and a hundred other trials all day, every day. But when will that day come when tears of grief flow in a constant stream from my eyes as my voice falters while singing the names of Sri Radha and Sri Krsna? When will that day come when I wander in Vrndavana, utterly destitute and overwhelmed by the pain of separation?

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