The purpose of KRIPA is to help people progress, through our courses, mentorship, books, and activities, to the attainment of Krishna Prema. To this end, along with attending to their personal spiritual development, KRIPA members engage in congregational development, seva, and outreach.

Our coaches and mentors offer courses, counseling, and guidance on the path of pure Bhakti-yoga. Along with our daily videos on, we have weekly live video sessions, where anyone enrolled in the academy can participate, ask questions, and receive counseling in their bhakti practice.

The enchanting sound of Krishna’s flute is transmitted into this world in the form of the speech of His eternal associates, who carry and embody the message of Krishna’s pure love and divine truth. In the Krishna Prema Academy, our bhakti guides will discuss the teachings of these pure saints in our line.

Along with teaching the literature, science, and philosophy of bhakti-yoga, we give practical training in the bhakti arts and practices, such as kirtan, cooking, deity worship, performance of yajnas, outreach development, and so forth.

We do not pursue intellectual prowess, material position, or prestige. The Krishna Prema Academy is designed to awaken divine love and help people transcend the fetters of this mundane existence. Then we can enter the transcendental land of love, Sri Vrindavan, where we can live and play in a sweet, loving relationship with Krsna, uninhibited by any mood of awe and reverence for the Supreme Being. In that land of Vrindavana, we will not even be aware that Krishna is the Supreme Godhead. We will see Him only as our dearmost friend, child, or beloved, and we will abide there in an ever new, ever fresh dance of love.

Our KRIPA Mentors are all experienced coaches and practitioners of bhakti throughout their lives.