“Śrīla Trivikrama Mahārāja was a very qualified Vaiṣṇava. When our guru-mahārāja was in charge of publications, he put Śrīla Trivikrama Mahārāja in charge of organizing all the preaching. His services included sending other preachers to various districts of Bengal. Śrīla Trivikrama Mahārāja would personally go out collecting and preaching, especially in the district of Bardhamāna. Through him, Guru-mahārāja did a great deal of preaching in Medinīpura, Caubīsa-paraganā and other districts of West Bengal.

“From when I first joined, Śrīla Vāmana Mahārāja showed me great affection, but parama-pūjyapāda Śrīla Trivikrama Mahārāja showed me even more familial affection. Our guru-mahārāja placed me in his hands, and we became very close. It was Śrīla Trivikrama Mahārāja who taught me how to perform kīrtana, how to preach, and how to collect donations. Sometimes, in a very loving way, he would also rebuke me. In all the years that I spent with Guru-mahārāja, I was never rebuked by him, but with so much love and affection Śrīla Trivikrama Mahārāja used to do so. We had such a close connection that sometimes, our discussions became very heated. I would counter his arguments and he would counter mine.”

03 Life of Humble Service - Śrīla Gurudeva_1ed
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